Features of C Programming language

  • Middle level Programming language ( It contains all the features of high level Programming language and low level Programming language.)
  • Modularity ( With Modularity we can split our c program into many number¬† of modules or small parts that are used again and again.)
  • Portability ( C program written in one compiler and can be compiled in different compilers with little or without modification).
  • Powerful ( C supports wide verity¬† of data types, functions, loop control statements. It makes c program as powerful programming language).
  • Bit Manipulation Bit Manipulation is important feature of C – Programming language. With help of bit manipulation we can manage data at the levels with of bitwise operator.)

Application of C Programming:

  • It is used for creating application softwares.
  • It used for writing system softwares.
  • It is used for writing the embedded code for all electronic devices
  • It is also used for writing simulators for various softwares and hardware products.