Stegnography | How to hide Text inside the Image | #1 Hacking Basics For Beginners

Steganography is a method used to hide some message or text inside the image or a file which are undetectable by the casual eye.

What is Steganography?

Steganography is a method of hiding messages inside a file or image to protect the data from a third person by using steganographic methods or tools.

Steganography comes from the Greek word meaning covered writing. It is a very old method, the first time it is used at the time of 440 BC by Greeks.

Steganography Techniques:

Physical Steganography Techniques:

  1. Wax Tablet: In ancient days greeks used wax tablets for hidden messages. They write a message on wood later, it covered with Wax.
  2. Invisible Ink: Writing messages using invisible ink, To unhide message by using Sunlight or Fire.
  3. Messages on the body: In ancient days message tattooed on the shaved head. The message is hidden after hair has grown. To view the message head again need to be saved. It has a huge drawback, it consumes days of time.
  4. Morse Code: During the 1966 televised press conference Jeremiah Denton was forced into an American Pow by his North Vietnamese captors, spelling out the word T O R T U R E by repeatedly blinked his eyes in morse code.

Digitial Steganography Techniques:

Modern Steganography enters the world in 1985 when personal computers entered the classical world.

Digital Steganography uses Audios, Videos, Digital Images, and Executable Files, etc. to hide messages by using various steganographic tools and methods.

Advantages of Steganography:

  • No one can identify the message except sender and receiver.
  • Advanced stenographic tools help to hide the messages like audio, video, images, text, etc. We can also hide malware, spyware, and other computer viruses, etc using advanced tools.
  • Used by intelligence bureau to send their secret messages.

Disadvantages of Steganography:

  • Used by Terrorists: In the 9/11 attack Al-Quada head Bin Laden used this technology to sent their secret messages. He encoded the whole message in the image and sent the image via email.

How to hide Text inside the Image using Steganography Tools:

Here we listed some the basic methods to hide text inside the image in Windows and Linux.

Steganography Tools for Windows:

1. Xiao Steganography Tool:

  • Download Latest Version of Xiao Steganography from the link – Download
  • Once downloaded install the tool by clicking next and next and finish and open it.
  • Now you need one Text File which contains your secret message and One Bitmap (.bmp) image file – where you want to hide your image.
  • Click on Add FIles then click on load target, now select a bitmap image then click on next.
  • Now select your Text File by selecting Add Files then click next and select the encryption method to hide text. you can also set the password for decryption. then click next
  • Type an output file name and save it. Now your secret message is ready.

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