Types of Hackers: Black, White, and Gray - #1 Ethical hacking for beginners

Types of Hackers: Black, White, and Gray – #1 Ethical hacking for beginners

Hacking is defined as gaining unauthorized access into the system. Who did these unauthorized activities are called Hackers, However, hacking is done by a single person or group of people.

Types of Hackers:

Types of hackers are classified into many types based on their working methodology, but mainly classified into 3 types they are:

  1. Black hat hacker
  2. White hat hacker
  3. Grey hat hacker

1. Black hat Hacker:

Black hat hackers are bad guys, who attempt to gain unauthorized access into a network system to exploit them for malicious purpose.

They try to damage by compromising security systems, altering website, steal the financial information and password. They don’t have any permissions to do this malicious activity.

2. White hat Hackers:

White hat Hackers are good guys. They work for organizations to protect the data by identifying security bugs in network systems and help the organisations to fix these bugs.

White hat Hackers also called as ethical hackers, they hack organizations within prescribed rules by using ethical hacking tools, methodologies and techniques to identify the vulnerabilities in a company network and help to fix them and secure them before it being attacked.

Top companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft use white hat hackers.

3. Grey hat Hackers:

Grey hat Hackers are use methods of black hat hackers but without malicious intent, They used these techniques to identify loopholes and vulnerabilities in organizations and notify the administrator or owner about vulnerability.

They also help law enforcement agencies or intelligence agencies. They also fix the hacked systems.

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