What is cyberSecurity? Ethical Hacking guide for begginners by Hackernet

What is Cybersecurity? #1 Hacking Basics for Beginners

Cybersecurity – protecting the computer systems, mobile devices, servers, networks, electronic devices and data from malicious attacks.

Cybersecurity is also defined as a collection of methods, tools, the process to protect the data and ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer systems, and their resources against cyber attacks.

Best Courses to Learn Cyber Security:

Cybersecurity E-Degree:

Master the art of neutralizing all sorts of information breaches! Get trained for White Hat Hacking, Pen Testing, Encryption, Network Security, Cloud Security, DevSecOps & different essential ideas with this advanced e-degree program

Ethical Hacking with Lab:

Best ethical hacking guide for Beginners, This course comes with 72 Hacking challenges and 1 Project. you can learn a lot of things in this course. After completing this course you can start your career as a Bug Hunter. Now join the course at Internshala.

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